Floating Balloon Coffee Table Is A Whimsical Way To Get Sued By Disney

Don't get us wrong. We're completely enamoured with Duffy London's new glass-topped coffee table that looks like it's being supported by a cluster of helium balloons. We're just not sure calling it the UP was the best idea. That mouse can be very litigious!

Obviously inspired by the Disney/Pixar flick Up, the balloons under the table are actually made from a metal resin composite with a strengthened steel rod as the string. What? You didn't think the whole thing actually floated did you? That would cost a fortune in helium. Not that the $US3800-plus table isn't already expensive as it is. But if you want one you better act fast, since just 20 are being hand built.

[Duffy London via The Fancy]


    looks nice, but how much will it move if you put sideways weight on it.? Looks like it would flex quite a bit.

    some of those "strings" aren't even touching the ground

    Must be my mother talking... but it looks like it would be a bitch to clean.

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