Flipboard Officially Lands On Android

Still running that side-loaded version of Flipboard on your Android? Get rid of that right this second and go and download it officially. You know, because you can.

Flipboard for Android had been an exclusive app (as stupid as that sounds) on the Samsung Galaxy SIII. Now that embargo is over and it's officially available on Google Play.

The company also announced via its blog that Google+ and YouTube are now compatible with Flipboard across all devices. How modern. [Flipboard Blog]

Image: Flipboard



    Except it's apparently not compatible with the Asus TF300 :\

    I think compatibility will be sketchy. Google Play said only SOME of my devices were compatible and I've got the Sony Tablet S, Moto Defy and SII registered. As far as I'm concerned it ought to work on ALL of them!

    I love Flipboard. It's super fun to use.

    Claims to be not compatible with the SGH-I957, which is incorrect, as it is already installed and works fine.

    I would stick with Google Currents. More compatibility and more magazine style viewing.

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