Firefox Hits 13 While Internet Explorer Hits Xbox

Firefox continues its relentless push towards Firefox 100 (will we all get cake?), while Microsoft's finally brought browsing to its games console with an Xbox-specific version of Internet Explorer. OK, so a "new" version of Firefox isn't quite the revelation that it used to be, given that they come out every six weeks under Mozilla's rapid release schedule. The latest version (which technically only hits today, but you can grab it now from Mozilla's FTP site) changes up the home page and makes tabs load only on demand, which should make the browser faster to relaunch.

Microsoft also snuck out news at its E3 keynote presentation this morning that Internet Explorer would finally be coming to Xbox. While it's not a bad thing to have a browser built into the console, would anyone have picked that Nintendo would beat Microsoft to having a console-based browser by many years when this console generation kicked off? [Softwarecrew and Kotaku]

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