Finally, A Left-Handed Person Can Feel Normal On The Internet

Left-handed people have it tough. Scissors aren't meant for them and the average mouse isn't shaped for them. Everyday life has all been backwards. But it's OK! You can feel normal on the internet now with this left-handed pointer icon.

Silvio Lorusso created a Chrome plugin that flips the hand cursor in Chrome (the thing that pops up when you hover over a link) from the traditional right hand to a left hand. It's a quick and easy install to hold on to your sanity, left-handed people. Install it here. [Silvio Lorusso via BuzzFeed]


    come on, really!!

      You must be right handed. lol

      Doesn't know how hard it is to be left handed.

      Over 2500 Left-Handed Americans are killed each year by using Right-Handed products.

    This is totally newsworthy, I don't know what you're complaining about. I don't care that custom mouse cursors have been available since Windows 3.0, THIS IS NEWS DAMMIT!

      This on is different though. because it only works in Chrome, this is a first and must be shred with the world!!!!!111ONEONEone!!

    I'm curious to know how many left handers use the mouse with their right hand. I was brought up using a mouse with my right hand, though I'm left handed, so I don't feel too out of the ordinary.

      Me too. I am left handed and was brought up using the mouse right handed. I blame it on whatever computer had the trackball built in back in 87 or so. Even so, I feel as though it keeps my left hand free for other things.

    I'm left handed and have a few left handed friends, plus my parents and one of my brothers is left handed, and we all use our right hands to use a mouse. I've tried using a mouse with my left hand and it's really uncomfortable.

      I am also left handed and use the mouse right handed.

      I have also never had an issue using right handing scissors in the left hand.

        Same here about a lefty using the mouse on the right, but scissors never worked for me in the left hand.

    wow seems I'm the minority within the minority, I'm a lefty that primarily use the mouse in my left hand (I can use my right hand for basics like web browsing, but it feels a bit off and clunky, gaming is right out)

    I know a lot of trolls who would feel more comfortable with a middle finger pointer... and pr0n lovers who'd - never mind.

    I'm right handed and use the mouse with my face

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