Do You Actually Use Voice Commands On Your Smartphone?

If the last month has made anything evident, it's that tech companies are not treating voice recognition as a gimmick, and in fact, are increasingly paying more attention to it. But like our friend Matt Buchanan points out, it's sort of de-humanising. Is this something you actually use? How do you use it? Do you feel comfortable talking to your phone in public? [Twitter]


    I use Google voice to dictate messages/posts that are long. It works really well on the One XL. Much quicker than typing, even with the occasional stutter or miss.....but I try not to do it in's just creepy

    In public it's even weirder than when you think some one is talking to them selves but they are using Bluetooth.

    I use voice command when I'm driving to dial a number (Yes I'm using the Bluetooth kit in my car).

    I use voice commands to dial while in my car all the time. I used voice commands to play music on my iPhone all the time which I was disappointed my Windows Phone could not do and it will now never be able to do without being capable of meaningful updates. On the plus side My windows phone does a pretty good job of dictating SMS while driving which my old iPhone couldn't do.

      Hey DJ! is an app you need to get. It allows you to select music by voice and it works really well, but it has to be running, of course.

    No, not at all, it sounds really weird, especially as you need to talk really clearly. Sounds strange and over emphasised and people give you weird looks.

    I could talk to my car a couple of years before I could talk to my phone, so it seems natural enough to do whilst driving but I would never use it in public, unless I wanted to annoy someone.

    If the recognition rate is low then the process is painful and slows you down so you end up not using it. On the odd occasion it works very well and can be great.

    The only time I would ever use voice commands is in the car. But here is the big problem with that:
    1) Lots of smart phone bluetooth stacks don't support the "Press the voice dial button on your hands free" protocols.
    2) Voice dialling on smartphones requires the web and is horifically inaccurate, especially when trying to interperate peoples names.
    3) All the voice software I have tried is lacking a very important aspect required for voice dialling in cars. No voice confirmation. They all require a screen press or just dial whoever they think they should be, which is quite often wrong. This is how it should go:
    *Press call button on steering wheel*
    You-"Call John Smith"
    Phone-"Two contacts found: 1: John Smith. 2: Jane Smith"
    Phone-"Two numbers found for John Smith: Home or Mobile"
    Phone-"Call John Smith Mobile?"
    Phone-"Calling John Smith Mobile"

    Me "Tell my girlfriend that the police are outside the neighbours' house"
    SIRI " Ok here is your message to the local police 'I am outside the neighbours house' Shall I send it?"

    I only use Siri for reminders now, and I still havent got 'geo-fencing' or whatever they call it, to work.

    Also until I get a total guarantee from Apple that I will never under any circumstances hear the phrase
    "I am sorry I can only search for businesses in the United States and when you're using US English."
    I will consider Siri to be Apple's greatest lie and its biggest disappointment.

    Google voice, Jeannie, and the rest of them are so hit and miss its not funny (Australian accent). So much so that I've just given up and stopped using them, even though they would be really handy to send or reply to sms's or missed calls or dialling a number while driving. When they start to understand normal conversational language in an Aussie accent, I'd be happy to give it another crack.

    Only in very limited circumstances. At this point it's still a gimmick.

    If you have a watch phone, like me, then you will have been talking to it all of the time.
    In my case this has been for the last three years.
    It is not perfect but better than touching a screen.
    And you never have to worry about losing your phone. It is always with you, except in the shower!

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