Disappearing-Ink Books Motiviate Lazy Readers To Finish Fast

A new anthology of Latin authors, forthcoming from the Argentinean publishers Eterna Cadencia, is being printed in such a way that each book practically demands its readers full attention and investment.

The publishers have identified a special ink that fades from sight after coming into contact with air and sunlight, cutting the life of an opened book short at just two months visibility.

"The Book That Can't Wait" -- as the project is called -- aims to afford debut authors the attentive audience they so require, if they wish to see even marginal success. [PSFK]


    Imagine if our Uni text books were written like this! It would shorten the procrastination period a lot!

    So in a time when resources are precious these idiots are printing books that can only be read once ?

    DRM, now in print.

      Ahaha, that's actually right!

    What is that BS about authors not being read? As long as people buy the books, wtf do publishers care if they are read? If you buy a book, its yours. I reserve the right to NEVER read it, or read it in 10 years. Or read it 10 times. There is no way I am paying for a book that I can only read once. It would be like buying a Microwave you can only use once, then it sits there, useless waste forever.

      Microwaves are cheap these days. So throw out the used one. Remember - lots of parts can be recycled and you don't have to clean it. Everyone wins.

    There must be a market for this, otherwise why bother! Maybe for teaching purposes but it would want to be cheap or at least partial refund on return maybe..!

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