Designer Fly Trap Is A Beautiful Way To Kill Bugs

If for some reason you feel guilty whenever you kill a mosquito or other annoying bug, this beautifully sculpted fly trap should ease your pain. We can't imagine a more elegant or soothing place for insects to meet their demise.

But Acase's $US80 InaTrap isn't just about looks; it's also packing some innovative technology to lure insects into its trap. Using a soft glowing LED light and a photo-catalyst reaction, it produces warm CO2 that mimics a human's breath. And since that's how mosquitos and other flying insects always seem to find you, they're fooled into approaching the trap until they're sucked into an escape-proof cage by a whisper-quiet fan. At that point you can either play the benevolent human and release them into the wild later, or just let the corpses pile up as a warning to other would-be blood suckers.


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