Dell Australia’s MD Says iPad Is Too ‘Shiny’ For Businesses

Dell Australia’s MD Says iPad Is Too ‘Shiny’ For Businesses

Did know that it can take four days to fix a software hiccup on an iPad? And that you probably shouldn’t use one for work because it’s shiny and your IT department can’t handle all the iPads it has to fix? No? Then you haven’t been talking to Dell Australia’s managing director Joe Kremer.

While talking up Microsoft’s very real but very risky play at tablets with Windows 8, Kremer has some loosely fact-checked things to say about the iPad:

People might be attracted to some of these shiny devices but technology departments can’t afford to support them.

If you are giving a presentation and something fails on the software side it might take four days to get it up and running again. I don’t think this race has been run yet.

That’s not exactly true. The iPad is actually quite popular with businesses — certainly more so than RIM’s “enterprise” PlayBook tablet — and if software troubleshooting takes several days, your IT department probably has bigger issues than iPads. Like being part of Dell, for example. [AFR via Cult of Mac]