Condition One: Explore Videos From Every Perspective

Condition One: Explore Videos From Every Perspective

When you want to look closer at a photo on your iPad, you zoom in with your finger. It’s pretty simple for stills, but there isn’t a comparable feature for videos. That’s where Condition One comes in. It’s a new iPad app that lets you view footage in an immersive format.

What does it do?

With swipes and taps, it lets you explore the videos you’re watching on your iPad. You can change perspective and look at the shot from a different point of view.

Why do we like it?

You always kind of wonder what’s going on outside of a particular shot, and with this app you don’t have to. It gives you all the context you’d ever want to know. It could be a really neat way to take in news footage or documentaries, because you can just see so much more. It’s a really unique way to check out videos, and there really isn’t anything else like it. [Gear Patrol]

Condition One

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The worst: needs more content