Check Out This One-In-A-Million Photo Of A Bee In Mid-Sting

When I was young, I was under the impression I was allergic to bee stings. Turns out I was just allergic to the thought of being stung, which I'm sure is an affliction most of us suffer from. Let me just say, seeing this sort-of gross picture of a bee mid-sting, has not made the idea any more romantic.

According to photographer Kathy Keatley Garvey -- who needed just four shots to capture this image -- it's the first time such an act has been caught on camera... as far as she is aware. Apparently Garvey has "taken at least 1 million photos of honeybees in her lifetime" -- which sounds like a bit of an exaggeration -- yet never snapped an image quite like this one.

That stringy, caramel-looking trail coming from the bee is "abdominal tissue". Seeing a sting like this, frozen in time, somehow makes me feel sorry for the poor bee, which probably went a died a lonely death somewhere in a tree.

[The Sacramento Bee, via Geekologie]

Image: Kathy Keatley Garvey


    Yes...who'd be a Bee? The one time you get to use your die!

    The poor person that got stung for this picture.

      The story behind the sting.

    No bee's were harmed in the making of this :)

    No wonder they die. It looks like an unravelling piece of tape.

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