Butterfly Bottle Opener Lets You Walk On The Wild Side Of Bartending

You might not be able to spin a bottle like a flair bartender, but with this Butterfly Bottle Opener you can still put on an impressive show when cracking open a cold one.

It's made from stainless steel, so it will never rust, and it features the same flip-open mechanism of a butterfly knife, minus the sharp blade. So while it's useless in a back alley street fight, with just a flick of a wrist you can teach bottlecaps a painful lesson about staying off your turf.

Just remember that for $US7 you're getting a 220g of hinged stainless steel, so do be careful when flicking it about. Re-enacting your favourite scene from West Side Story isn't worth it if you walk away with a broken finger or a chipped tooth. [ThinkGeek]

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