Brilliant Grilling Combs Just Made Shish Kebab Skewers Obsolete

Sliding vegetables and chunks of meat onto a skewer is an easy way to grill without them falling into the fires below. But un-spearing them afterwards is often a pain-in-the-ass procedure that the GrillComb makes a lot easier.

Looking like a foot-long metal comb — hence the name — the GrillComb could be the best $US11 (for a pair) a grillmaster ever spends. It works like a skewer, in that it safely secures meat and veggies while they toast up over an open flame. But that's where the similarities end. Because the GrillComb's brilliant design makes removing the food extremely easy. The best part, though, is that you don't have to yank off every single piece just to get to that hunk of steak in the middle. You can go for it right away and leave the veggies for later.

[Fusionbrands via Uncrate]



    Simple yet novel idea, but god damn those pics look like they were made with Paint XD

    That's genius - though presumably the entire comb would heat up, which means you can't hold it as you pick off bits of food - compared to wooden skewers which are cool enough to the touch to hold as you run your fork down it to get the food off.

    Actually a rather neat idea.
    They need a handle that stays cool enough to hold though or they're pointless (no pun intended, but play with it if you wish)

    It'd be better if they were on diagonals, food would be prone to falling off that and getting in the way of other food.

    traditional skewers allow you to rotate the food and ensure all sides are evenly cooked. With the comb there is a danger of food falling off if it is turned teeth down.

      This +1.

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