Breakfast Wrap: Friday Night's Finest

SWAT Team Reminds Girl To Secure Her Wi-Fi By Raiding Her House With Flashbangs America, don't ever change.

Orion Capsule — Say Hello To The Future Of Manned Space Flight Hello, manned space flight! My, you're rather hot aren't you? On fire, in fact!

Adobe Gamifies Photoshop To Make Mastering Pixel Pushing Fun Well, at least the Photoshop mention in this video is technically correct now.

Louis CK Thinks The Next iPhone Will Be Invisibly Thin And Help You Masturbate Watch out, Jonathan Ive. Guess who's watching you from the ceiling?

Scientists Create System That Lets You Type With Your Brain Yes, because I want my innermost thoughts translated into written diarrhoea before my very eyes.

Image: Bob Brown / Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons 2.0

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