Breakfast Wrap: Best Of WWDC 2012

Breakfast Wrap: Best Of WWDC 2012

Well, that was something. Apple unloaded a heap of hardware and software at the WWDC keynote today. New supermodel MacBook Pros, software upgrades everywhere, so many peripherals and updates that some didn’t even get mentioned — it was all pretty overwhelming. Here are the most important bits from today’s deluge.

Apple’s New MacBook Pro Is One Amazing-Looking Laptop

This thing is a space monster. Apple just dropped a new line of MacBook Pro laptops with the highest-resolution screen in laptop history. This is Apple’s crown jewel of computing. More » [clear]

iOS 6: All the New Features Coming Soon to Your iPhone and iPad

Apple’s new iOS 6 comes loaded with new features. From completely new Maps to a new version of the voice-activated personal assistant Siri to Facebook integration. More » [clear]

Apple’s New Maps Feature Turn-by-Turn Navigation, 3D And More

As rumoured, Apple just announced at WWDC that it’s launching its own in-house mapping platform. Apple is doing all of the cartography itself instead of Using Google Maps or pulling from an open source format such as OpenStreetMap. More » [clear]

The New MacBook Air: Faster and Still Super Skinny

Today’s lovely debutante is the 2012 MacBook Pro, of course, but the MacBook Air — which we suspect gave the MacBook Pro some serious body image problems over the years — is getting a promotion too. Ivy Bridge, USB 3.0, and speed, speed, speed. More » [clear]

‘Power Nap’ for Apple Syncs Your Computer While It Sleeps

Apple just announced a new feature to OS X Mountain Lion called Power Nap. It syncs your computer’s email, keeps track of calendars, syncs to Time Capsule, and downloads App Store and system software updates — all while your computer’s asleep. More » [clear]

Passbook Is the Beginning of Mobile Payments On iOS

Passbook is a new mobile wallet from Apple that will debut in iOS. Right now, it’s about ticket aggregation, not payments. But it’s a sign of things to come. Currently, it allows you to combine your tickets and loyalty cards in one convenient place. More » [clear]

Apple Has Sold 30 Billion Apps in the App Store

Tim Cook just announced that Apple has sold over 30 billion app downloads in the iTunes App store. That’s from 650,000 apps overall, with 225,000 designed specifically for the iPad. More » [clear]

The Mac Pro Lives! Apple Has Resurrected One of Its Most Venerable Products

Apple defied expectations by introducing an updated Mac Pro today, despite not mentioning it at WWDC, as well as indication that it would kill it off. More » [clear]

Apple Quietly Updates the Airport Express

In addition to a whole boatload of new Macs in today’s action-packed WWDC keynote, Apple snuck an updated Airport Express into the online store. More » [clear]