'Bogan', 'Paywall' To Be Added To The Dictionary

According to the ABC, two of the many words the Oxford Dictionary folk will be adding to into the lexicon this month include the words "paywall" and "Bogan". Congratulations, Australia.

"Cybercast" and "Carpet-bomb" are two other words going into the dictionary. [ABC News]

Image: Oxford English Dictionary by mrpolyonymous, CC 2.0


    Just puttin' it out there...

    How many people have used these words in a proper sentence (as opposed to 'omg i just called an airstrike in!1 gonna carpet bomb all you m*****-f*****s' etc)

      What? "Bogan" and "carpet-bomb" have been used in proper sentences for decades.

      WTF. You do realise that military actions such as airstrikes and carpet-bombing actually occur outside of videogames, right?

    Pretty sure that "carpet-bombing" has been mentioned in news reports of various wars

      No just wars, it's used as a metaphor in normal language too. I remember it used at least as far back as the 80s. Obviously "bogan" has been around for ages too, at least since the 1970s. These are coming to the dictionary pretty late, but then the Oxford is pretty conservative.

    Personally, I'd love to see the word 'Bogan' become completely irrelevant.!
    "I have a dream, a dream that Bogans will disappear, and be replaced by human beings by the end of the decade" :)

    so no one has been to western NSW then? to the Bogan shire?

    What's a "paywall"?

      Go to a website such as Nature:

      Then click on an interesting article, say this one:

      You get an abstract, and then BAM you hit a paywall at the bottom - if you want "instant access" to the article it'll cost you $8. You can also subscribe if you wish.

      The word "paywall" has only arisen in the past few years but this model of teaser-access with full content hidden behind a "paywall" has been in use (just from my own experience) for almost 15 years - basically since porn sites started monetising their content. Of course, that's just going off my experience (no prizes for guessing when I started puberty). I imagine that similar systems would have been employed back in the BBS days.

    It appears that even shortening requires moderation.

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