Beautiful, Outback-Inspired Field Of Light Wants To Come To Uluru

Beautiful, Outback-Inspired Field Of Light Wants To Come To Uluru

Bruce Munro’s Field of Light, first revealed in 2003 in London and currently keeping the the US state of Pennsylvania awake, is an art installation of acrylic tubes, colour projectors and fibre optics designed to replicate a garden of glowing flowers. Next year, Munro wants to bring his Field of Light to Uluru, which is quite fitting, seeing as a 1992 trip trough the Outback served as his inspiration for the display.

Munro wants to set up 250,000 stems within a one-square kilometre area next to Uluru, though whether this is the final amount depends entirely on how much money he raises. At the moment, cash for a bit over 3000 stems has been donated, so there’s still a fair way to go.

If all goes according to plan, the installation should take five weeks to get running and will run from next year, starting in April and ending in October. The entire thing will be solar-powered and constructed of 165km worth of recycled acrylic and 3290km of fibre optics.

There’s a video with an explanation of the project, but if clip-watching isn’t for you, here’s a run down of the pertinent details:

  • It will cover an area equivalent to one square kilometre.
  • 3290 kilometres of fibre.
  • 165 kilometres of recycled 12mm (od) acrylic tube.
  • 250,000 x 60mm glass spheres & mild steel ground stakes.
  • 500x custom-made solar powered projectors. Total wattage (15KW) 0.06watts per sphere.
  • 1000 man days to make.
  • The installation team will be 10 x Bruce Munro crew + 30 Australian.
  • Five weeks to install.
  • Three weeks to take down.
  • Duration of installation 7 months.

[Field of Light, via Inhabitat]

Image: Mark Pickthall