Automated Typewriter Creates Never-Ending Story Honouring Killed Journalists

"On Journalism #2 Typewriter" is a typewriter installation that honours journalists who been killed worldwide between 1992 and present day, by writing generatively constructed stories about about them based on their published work and the existing data of their lives (via the Committee to Protect Journalists).

The installation is the project of Julian Koschwitz, an interactive art directer who specialises in projects involving interactive installations, web applications and digital editorial design — and a professor of interactive design at Italy's Free University of Bozen-Bolzano.

The individual stories are connected through common fields of coverage and area of deployment. In addition to stories, the typewriter creates type-based images, flags that are distorted to varying degrees based on the number of journalists killed in a given country.

The installation is accompanied by a set of prints that highlight specific aspects like the state of freedom of the press in certain countries, the fields of coverage and the ties between journalists.

[Koschwitz via @brainpicker]

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