Australia Has 18.7 Million Televisions

New research from the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has found that 99 per cent of Australian households own a television, meaning there's still one per cent of you that don't have one. What gives?

Truth be told, given the dross that's on terrestrial television these days it's a wonder more people don't own a TV, to be honest.

According to the ACMA, the 99 per cent of households own 2.2 televisions on average (how can you own 0.2 of a television?). That means that it's not just celebrities that don't baulk at the idea of owning a boob tube.

Sales of TVs have also increased in Australia, and it's no surprise that everyone's upgrading to bigger, flatter panels. Sales of flat-screens have doubled since 2007 — up to 3 million in 2010 from 1.3 million in 2007 — and the average cost of a flat-screen these days is $1131.

The ACMA has made an infographic if you're particularly curious about TV ownership in Australia.

Have you bought a new TV recently? Why?

Image: Samsung

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    Meh.. We have five of 'em at home...

      Four at mine, but only one is connected to a TV antenna, and that one is never turned on anymore anyway.
      They make lovely computer screens :)

    I spent a year with a TV but no working antenna. Worked great for games and DVDs.

    ATM my TV mostly plays digital radio and streams movies/TV shows (my own DVD rips ^_^) from my PC, iView and PS2/3/Wii.

    FTA TV in Australia is consistently rubbish. Pay TV isn't much better. Commercial breaks make me ragequit those rare times I catch a broadcast. Far as I'm concerned TVs are mostly useful as a large monitor which is useful for displaying content other than broadcast television.

    I just upgraded my 9 year old 60kg widescreen CRT to a new LED one. Hopefully this one lasts half as long as my old one.
    Have regained a heap of space in the living room

    I agree with TSH, our FTA are not so good, but at least we still have FTA unlike many other country. And our selections for pay TV is just not worth the money. My TVs also been used to stream media only.

    I must be one of the 1% that doesn't have a TV. I do however have a set-top box connected to my 1080p projector which lights up a 110 inch screen.

      The Internet approves of you "non-TV" status.

    It's just a pipeline to pump loud, intrusive advertising into your home. As the advertising dollar is spread across more channels, there is less money to obtain quality content.

    Meh. TV sucks. For six months I used mine (CRT) to keep the fridge shut.

    I threw my TV out the window when a Justin Bieber song came on while flicking through the channels.
    I'd go get another one but he is still alive so no worth the risk....

    One of my TVs is still in black-and-white...
    And the other I can't get any reception on anyway.

    For me I am pleased that the old CRT has gone
    because of the X-rays comeing out the front
    of the Screen, you dont get that with flat panels.

    Yeah, TV i watch for News maybe.. everything else i use net for

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