Asus Zenbook Prime Gets Aussie Price

The long-awaited follow-up to the ASUS Zenbook, the Zenbook Prime, today got an official Australian price tag and a vague local release date.

The 11.6-inch Zenbook Prime UX21A will set you back $899 for an Intel Core i3-powered machine, while the larger, 13.3-inch UX31A (pictured) will cost $1399 for an Intel Core i5 model and $1799 for the Intel Core i7 model.

Each model will boast a SATA SSD, a 1080p IPS panel, USB 3.0 ports and integrated graphics. Local specifications will be nailed down closer to release, and we'll have to wait until we go hands on to see if it can still cut fruit.

The UX21A weighs in at 1.1kg, while the larger UX31A models tip the scales at 1.3kg.

Asus won't be drawn on when the devices will be available in Australia, saying only that they'll arrive in the next few months.

Image: ASUS



    yowzers, $1800 for the i7? That's the ivy bridge one right?

    please let that $899 model baseline with 128Gb!!!

      Isn't that how much an 128GB SSD costs in Australia?

        Are you serious? Try under $200, with most around $150.

          No I wasn't serious, it's just for a long time SSD upgrades in laptops have been stupidly costly.

    Any news on the ux32 models? I think those were the slightly thicker models with the 7mm mechanical drives the the msata cache.

    Seems a bit lacking.. it has all the right things in all the right places.. but it just feels lacking without anything truly awesome. It's basically a standard netbook with current generation specs... and that's all.. plus being a tad on the expensive side.

      I've never seen an 11" netbook with a 1080p screen and i7 CPU...

      It's an Ultrabook. Apart from the likes of Yoga and Taichi, this is what Ultrabooks will look like for 2012-2013

        *sorry, misread article. Still i3 is a huge jump on Atom!

      If that is true, then it applies to every Ultrabook out there and to the MacBook Air, because these specs absolutely smoke anything else you can buy. For a start, it will be the first Ivy Bridge Ultrabook, so that's 4 times more graphics power than anything else and lower power consumption. That alone makes it worthwhile, but they are also doing a full HD IPS screen, a first in either form-factor (11.6" or 13.3" Ultrabook) AFAIK. With an updated, backlit keyboard, Asus have addressed all the criticism of the original, which should make this the best Ultrabook out there for some time to come.

    That's a pretty fantastic price.

    That being said, I'd imagine Windows 7 at 1080p on an 11" screen will be somewhat tiny...

      has to be better than the 720p screen im running on a netbook now

    Please find out the price of the UX32VD!

    If the screen is touch screen in preperation for Windows 8 like several of the new Samsung Ultrabooks, I'll pick one up day 1.

    WHAT?!? No discrete GPU?!? Guess portable gaming is going to be still a long way off.... :(

      If you're after portable gaming, I wouldn't be recommending an ultra book. Considered looking at gaming laptops?

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