AR-15 Monster Rifle From Hell Comes Loaded With Lasers, Red Dot Sights And More

Man-hero Iraqveteran8888 from YouTube just posted a video showcasing a monster AR-15 rifle that looks more like a mini-fighter jet than a gun. It's been customised with nine 30-round magazines, three lasers, three red dot sights for 100, 200 and 300 yards, four torches and a gunk of other human-destroying, earth-squashing fairy dust.

There's a very, very high chance that this rifle could be the baddest weapon on the planet. The guys who customised the rig even admit that they might have "went a little too far" with the tweaking, but I'm not mad at them. It's so ridiculous it's awesome.

I'm not even sure what you could add to the rifle to make it even more intimidating. More magazines? An axe? Nuclear weaponry? Whiskey? A beer koozie? [YouTube]


    Pose with it and put the photos on Facebook!!!

    looks like something a James bond over the top bad guy would use.

    I want to know how the two mags feed in opposition to each other. Must be some kind of alternate gate system, but it just looks like a snafu point to me, unless only the one works and the other is just another spare.?

      Side mounted mag is just another spare.

      Side mounted mag is just another spare.

      I think they are just magazine holders, not part of the system. They are too far forward to feed into the chamber.

    The torch that spends most of the clip closest to the camera would block the ejected cases and cause it to jam. I guess you could use it as a club then..

    the term overcompensating might be a understatement

    Screw the gun - that dude has the best beard EVER.

    Id hate to see the weight difference over a standard ar15. And I thought the US only allowed 10round mags, could be a state thing.

    Should give it to FPS Russia :)

    In russia the guns procreate themselves. ;)

    Bring on the Zombie Apocalypse.

    thoroughly impractical, unbalanced and heavy. Its just as easy to keep spare magazines in pouches on webbing kit, a sight sighted in at 200m for 5.56mm ammunition is well and truly usable at all practical ranges, and the lasers and torches, meh. Still, i like the "taking to extremes" aspect :P

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