Apple's New iPad Smart Case Is The Worst Thing Apple Announced Today

Here's the worst thing Apple sneakily introduced today: an iPad Smart Case that's more of a crappy and shoddy iPad case than a slick Smart Cover. The new Smart Case covers the back and the front of the iPad in polyurethane. Eww.

I can't believe Apple wants to douse the wonderful industrial design of the iPad in blue, green, pink or red (it also comes in black or grey). I can't believe that Apple is encouraging people to put a case on their iPad. I can't believe so many people are going to buy these stupid Smart Cases for their iPads so they can express themselves with ugly colours.

Ugh, whatever. If you want to protect your iPhone's back, go right ahead. It's supposed to be slim and work just like a Smart Cover (wake your iPad, use as a stand). $59 for this iPad condom. [Apple]

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