Apple Wins US Injunction Against Galaxy Nexus

First the Galaxy Tab 10.1, now the Galaxy Nexus. Apple has, for the second time in two weeks, convinced the court to bar the sale of a competing Samsung product for patent infringement.

U.S. District Court Judge Lucy Koh ruled in favour of Apple late today, granting a preliminary injunction against Samsung's Google-designed phone. Koh found that the Nexus is "no more than colorably different" and, as such, infringes on Apple's patent. [All Things D]


    What a load of bullshit from apple.

    The Judges in these cases are probably 80 year olds that don't see the difference between a Nokia brick phone and a smartphone. Hell they probably upheld a ruling against that old Nokia Taco phone due to some complaints from Taco Bell.

    Apple should be ashamed of themselves.

      I remember reading about the Galaxy Tab and the iPad and the Judge held them up asking the lawyers to tell them apart, the Samsung lawyer got it right. Like it was hard.

        I recall that when asked the lawyers actually struggled to tell them apart. It took a bit for one of them to actually point to the correct device.

    Im sure google's time will come sooner or later.

    And its for reasons like this that I will NEVER buy an apple product. They cannot stand a little bit of competition so they run straight to the courts. Its the apple way or the highway.

      you do realise every major company has a vast number of patent attorneys filing a vast number of injunctions left right and centre against every other major company? Only very rarely does one pop up on a website like gizmodo and come to the attention of the rampaging keyboard warriors

    The judge probably got paid out by apple.

      No they don't realize it. It's tall poppy syndrome, shoot down the biggest guy. Every other company does it, they are just not big enough to appear on Gizmodo

    Well this sucks.

    Thanks patent system!

    Ok, WHAT.

    "Koh found that the Nexus is “no more than colorably different” and, as such, infringes on Apple’s patent."

    That is NOT what was ruled at all. From the source:

    "Koh found that the Nexus is “no more than colorably different” and, as such, infringes on Apple’s patent."

    So in other words this extends to, say, a theoretical white Galaxy Nexus. This case had NOTHING to do with design.

      Argh, copied that wrong:

      Koh’s ruling prevents Samsung from selling the Galaxy Nexus or any other product that is “no more than colorably different” and infringes on the Apple patent in question.

    Apple is the kid that used to take the basketball home when you beat him.

    Ahh well, I hope the company suffers a slow demise, unfortunately there are so many Apple hipster/conformists.

    I don't care about samsung anymore I brought Samsung galaxy 2 from Optus it keep freezing all the time I complain to Optus but optus gave me a new one & it keep freezing up all the time too I called ombudsman I got out of the contract then I went to Telstra but I got iPhone 4s know I love it

    Got myself a Galaxy Note after getting tired of the iPhone 3Gs. Not looking back. None of this "you look like me" crap. I'm truly surprised that Ford don't sue ALL car companies just because all cars have 4 rubber tires and an internal combustion engine!! Oh, and a steering wheel.

      I'm pretty sure Karl Benz would raise an eyebrow at that statement..Ford didn't invent the car, he invented mass production of them :)

        Apple didn't invent the smartphone.

          They invented the ability to mass market the smartphone...

          Apple made it work when no one else could get past the "stylus"

    Everyone is suing each other. Too target Apple only is no fair. Only reason Apple stand out is because of their popularity at this point in time. Personally I am a Android user and I don't blame Apple but the patent system for this.

    What a sad day . Surely This gives them grounds to ban all phones. For those that say "well apple are only operating within the law" how about I come outside your house and play my getoblaster from 8am till 11pm every day. Hey it's still legal.

      Bad example. If by you playing that getoblaster you where louder than any one else playing music and hence only your music could be heard and hence only your music could be purchase (by preventing anyone else from hearing the competitors music) and that money was used to make money for your company and also increase the demand for your shares and make you millions you would be playing that getoblaster from 8am till 11pm outside everyone's house. That's what happens when you are in the business of making money. Most companies lose there sole when they publicly list themselves on the share market. That is all big businesses not just Apple.

    I own both galaxynexus and iPhone4s and the only similarities, were added in los 5. voice and notifications. both long time android features.
    also both were featured in startrek .

      Yeah but google doesnt want to go there as A there are features copied from iOS and b google stole that one from WebOS, heck allot of the os features on android and ios were copied from webos. hey doesnt this sound like a familure battle steve fought early in the company history

    Let's hope Australia never gets software patents. They are killing America.

    I agree 100% with AJ and Dennison, they took the words right out of my mouth ( or out of my fingers?). Apple's a bully, and can only compete by bringing everyone down to their level. They need to die a slow painful death. Then I'll be very happy. And Koh is not a real judge, she's just a face stealer.

    Samsung should just stop providing components for the iphone. Apple are playing fucking dirty. They should hit back hard where it hurts.

      Indeed. They supply everything for the screens I believe, would'nt that be an interesting development...

    This will be thrown out of court once the appeal goes through. The Nexus is the least plain rectangle shape top end phone that Samsung do. Apple claiming patent infringement was clearly just to disrupt the Jellybean release announcement.
    The judge's choice to allow this crap should be scrutinized though.

    I can't express me distaste for Apple with it design-based software patent infringements. I can understand protecting your copyright but not stuff like slide-to-unlock. Last year I bought and ipad - it is the last Apple product I will buy for a long while.

    I can't express my distaste for Apple with it design-based software patent infringements claims. I can understand protecting your copyright but not stuff like slide-to-unlock. Last year I bought an ipad - it is the last Apple product I will buy for a long while.

      I agree April MAN that APPLE GEAR LASTS! I won't need to buy new gear for years either WIN !!!

    I think a lot of you are disturbed. It isn't only Apple doing this but Apple make a good headline due to there popularity. I suppose haters will be haters. Don't foget sale of the iPhone was band in Germany at one stage. Buy the way enjoying my galaxy nexus.

      Motorola's having some success attacking Windows and the XBox as well - though nobody really cares about Motorola so you don't really hear about it. Plus I think they're getting investigated for using FRAND patents.

    Which patent is possibly being infringed? Apple have a few gazillion patents floating around, so I'd like to know which one is in question here.

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