Apple Maps In Australia Might Not Be All That At Launch

Apple's being characteristically cagey about international support for voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation in iOS 6, but astute observers will notice a key clue that points to the feature being absent from the upcoming Australian release.

The iOS 6 preview page has a listing of everything users can expect in the new version of Apple's mobile operating system, including iCloud, Siri and Maps enhancements.

One discrepancy between the US site and the Australian site, however, is that the US site (pictured left) lists support for turn-by-turn navigation, while the Australian site does not (pictured right).

Simple oversight, or is it a clue of things to come (or not come, rather)?

Developers we've spoken to this morning report that turn-by-turn is currently active in Australia, but it's missing support for Siri-guided navigation.

We've asked Apple to comment on why the feature is absent from the iOS 6 sizzle page, but there has been no response at the time of publication. We'll keep you updated on this though.

Are any of you iOS 6 beta testers using voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation yet?

Thanks to Phoerohphore for sending this in to us. Top spotting.



    Got a iPhone 4 running iOS6 no siri voice support for maps, also the apple maps is rubbish doesn't have the google maps polish!

      iPhone 4 actually GET Siri at all in iOS 6?

      The iPhone 4 won't support it anywhere. You'll need a 4S.

    Definitive proof and a damning indictment of Apple's enormous incompetence.

    Does Apple EVER respond when asked for comments?

    Maybe Apple are looking to avoid another $2 million fine....

    Seems like apple being apple. Announce alot of cool features ... only to be available only in the US

    At one point the AU site said we'd have FaceTime over 3G on the iPhone 4, while everywhere else was 4S or later.
    This was changed a few days later, so I'd hope the Siri maps would be too.

    Not working..... Even tried changing my country in the international settings to the United States....but still no dice.

    So they take out a perfectly good map and insert a rubish one in its place? My question is, would someone hack it and put google maps back, look like i habve to go back to jailbbreaking on iOS6

    I'm almost 100% sure turn-by-turn navigation was originally on the IOS6 Australia splash page when it first went up.

      Yeah... could have swarn I specifically checked it was there when it went up...

    I've been using the turn-by-turn navigation in the car in San Francisco and its pretty damn good. The camera feels kind of cinematic gliding along above you in the 3D view and the level of detail / colour scheme is great when you're driving and glancing at the phone. Nice having it read out names of stuff dynamically. As far as walking around goes, I'm definitely missing street view, thats a big loss, but overall the look and feel is heaps better than gmaps and more importantly the business listings are there - of course we won't get that all that good stuff and nice 3rd party app integration back in Aus, there's not enough of us!

      omg Fanboi lol enjoy ur walled garden and paying 2 much wit the other sheeple ...etc etc, figured it was inevitable so I may as well kick it off

        Have you demoed the maps yourself? Or are you just so brain dead that you noticed that most people didn't like it so you thought you'd join in. Get your own brain you mindless sheep.

          What do you mean demo-ed? I've been using it to drive a hire car around san francisco for 2 weeks now ..

            Just reading failure. Bet Mr Mac was so eager to defend, he failed to notice you were responding (ironically) to your own comment..

        Omg. Apple hater lol. Why don't you tell us all about the multi billion dollar company you run and the products you make....oh that's right you have nothing. Comment when you have something interesting to contribute lol.

          You did read Namarrgon's comment, right?

    I've got the beta and its a big disappointment compared to the feature set of Google's.

    Yes I realize its beta and might change but at the moment here's the problems I have with it.

    - No turn by turn (still has 'Directions')
    - No public transport at all
    - Traffic is near useless
    - Yelp listings in Australia are rubbish compared to Google's
    - Maps overall are poorer and have less topography, the centre of the Perth CBD is blank, no malls, buildings, nothing.
    - GPS performance is slow to update, worse outside the Maps app. FMF and Foursquare are slow to update position.
    - 3D performance is poor and probably won't ever be used outside of 'hey that's cool'.
    - No Streetview

    Seriously, I know its beta, They'll work on it over the coming months, its already been improved slightly since Beta 1 but they got a long way to go to be even with Google.

    Hopefully Google has their app up the day iOS6 goes live.

    Turn by turn has been available on Androids for an eternity now, just sayin.

      Pictures of your mum have been available on android for an eternity now... Just sayin.

    Shit. Sorry Phoerohphore. It's been an insane day, but that's no excuse. I'll throw in the hat tip right now. You're a champ for sending it in. Let it be known that it was Phoreohphore that tipped us to this!

    It's very much deliberate. Mentioned on and taken out completely on

    The UK site has it.
    Canada has it.
    Heck, even Hong Kong has it.

    I can't be bothered checking the rest of the major markets right now. :)

    Something odd is going on, indeed.

      Australia doesn't get Turn-By-Turn

    So will google maps be available on the app store?

    I've got a 4S running beta 4 and confirm the same here. The maps don't have the nice pretty direction arrow and no voice either (even though there are settings for the maps voice volume. Strange...)

    Apple is not saying that turn-by-turn, as well as directions in Siri, will be available in Australia in October:

      ** Apple is NOW saying **

    Until Apple perfect things for us Aussies, I'll stick with Navfree.

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