Apple Facing $2.25m Fine Over ‘4G’ iPad [Updated]

Apple Facing $2.25m Fine Over ‘4G’ iPad [Updated]

The ACCC wants Apple to pay $2.25 million in penalties for advertising the new iPad as a 4G-capable device in Australia, a Victorian court has heard today.

The proposed multi-million dollar shellacking from the consumer watchdog comes after Apple tried to advertise the new iPad as 4G-capable in Australia. When the ACCC took the gadget giant to court over the issue, Apple offered refunds to duped customers before quietly dropping the 4G name, instead referring to it as “Cellular”.

The hearing is still going in Melbourne today, but The Australian is reporting that the final settlement figure will depend on how many people were actually misled by the naming kerfuffle.

We’ll update the story if and when Apple agrees to the proposed terms. [The Australian]

Update: The court has adjourned for the day. Both the ACCC and Apple spent the day putting forward what are known as proposed settlement and consent orders. Apple and the ACCC agreed on the $2.25 million penalty figure, but Justice Mordecai Bromberg said that he wanted more information on the difference between 3G and 4G before he made his ruling. The case will resume in Victoria on Tuesday.