Alien Invaders Will Apparently Arrive In Stylish Bus Shelters

No one's entirely sure what the aliens who will inevitably invade our planet will look like. But if movies have taught us anything, their spacecraft will probably look a lot like this stunning bus station in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain.

Designed by Spanish architect Eustáquio Martínez, the Intercambiador Padre Anchieta -- or Interchange Station Padre Anchieta -- was completed just this past February and is a stark contrast to the usual utilitarian design of bus stations. The angular holes punched through the imposing roof structure let plenty of light through, and surprisingly the green buses seem to perfectly complement the structure's bright colour scheme. It's also a good example of building something that itself is art to deter vandals from defacing it. [Eustáquio Martínez via CollabCubed]

Images: David Frutos


    this is why the spanish government is in trouble.

    spending huge amounts of money on buildings like this that are never going to make their money back

      It's worth spending extra money to get iconic public buildings, not everything has to have a direct cost benefit analysis. The idea is that iconic, architecturally significant structures are something for the community, making your destination more interesting and attractive.
      It's just a pity this is so old hat.

    Oh, is it already 1965 again?
    Very old fashioned retro design...

    Why? Why would you make something this ugly, that doesn't even have a purpose lurking behind the form?

    I just don't get the architects and backers (you know, stupid people who have money) that place form (and not an attractive aesthetically pleasing one) above function and cost a bomb... now we know why Spain is in trouble financially.

      Yes, Spain is in trouble because they built a fancy bus shelter.

    I think it's gorgeous.

      If this were still the 60s or the 70s I may agree with you, but this retro modernist design is faddish, derivative and not even a great example of what was best with that period. This is Barry Gibb in beige flares with his shirt unbuttoned to the wait and a huge gold medallion gracing his hairy chest- great for the time, but just a little anachronistic now.

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