Algae-Powered Pods Provide Fresh Air In An Otherwise Polluted Environment

In what is becoming an increasingly polluted world, Chlorella, a portable, pod-shaped, air-purifying pavilion prototype (yes, all those p-words were in fact necessary), offers an oasis of fresh air in a zen-like and environmentally-friendly setting.

These algae-powered pods, designed by Adam Miklosi , utilise photosynthesis and oxygen therapy to filter the pollution out of urban air. A series of photobioreactors, consisting of a network of transparent plastic tubes, are at the design's core. Within these plastic tubes, 5 cubic meters of air-purifying, oxygenating algae are tamped down.

Chairs installed into a sliding rail encircle an "algae-fountain" in the centre of the pod, creating a relaxing retreat where you can, quite literally, "take a breather."

It's only a shame the name sounds so much like cholera... [Inhabitat]

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    Wow, it contains 'engineering', whodathunkit?

    Would be better to have exercise equipment in there instead of chair... might take off in China if that were the case.

    Hmm... another application for this would be as a surround for commercial aircon installations that you find on the roofs of shopping centres and office blocks. Naturally filtered air; water from the aircon trickled into the algae system; lower costs for maintenance as aircon filters have to be changed less often; aircon installations are less unsightly.

    Great idea and actually quite stylish. Good idea TSH.

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