You'll Never Want To Skydive After Watching This

An 80-year-old Brit named Laverne came startlingly close to death when things went horribly wrong during her maiden skydiving attempt. If the video doesn't deter you from ever jumping out of a plane, I don't know what will.

It seems that Laverne had second thoughts upon departing the aircraft. Her attempts to cling to the plane doors put her in a bad position which allowed her to slip from her harness. She was then left literally dangling in free-fall with the tandem instructor holding on for dear life. Oh. My. God.

Luckily, no one was injured upon landing, though you must be traumatised after such a close-call. Laverne is no doubt re-thinking all those other death-defying acts on her bucket list. [YouTube via The Daily Mail]


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      The video has been marked private???
      Maybe they didnt want people to see anymore.
      Does anyone have another copy?

    That was horrific, it kinda looked like a) she wasn't fully compusmentus (sp?) b) she was forced outta the plane.

    At 1:37 it doesnt even look like the harness is on her shoulder correctly.

    she is an idiot, she pushed her self back out of the harness when he was trying to make the jump, if your going to make the instructor force you out of the plane you really shouldn't be doing skydiving

    yeah, i think i bit of coercion is okay, but not physically manhandling her out the door. if she decided last minute that she really didn't want to jump, leave her be. you can't blame her, terror makes people very irrational.

    but big props to the tandem pilot for getting her on the ground safely after it all went horribly south. i think that would have been equally traumatic for both of them. it's an incredibly fun, but very risky activity. any skydiver who's been in the game for a while has buried at least one friend.

    A Brit? Really? With the thickest southern US accent you've ever heard? And jumping in California? No, wait, it was reported on a UK site, she must be a brit.

    Turn in your journalist badge and gun.

      [Applause] Well said Sir!

    I think that the poor dive instructor and the camera diver would be needing a stick drink down the pub after that one too.

    Skydiving is actually very very safe...

    Not the instructors fault, but the jumpers fault. I feel sorry for the camera man and instructor. If anything went wrong it'd be blamed on them. The silly lady should've just jumped, instead of holding on.... Skydiving is extremely safe, and fun.

    WHOA WHOA WAIT!, Its NOT the instructors fault the harness on the ELDERLY lady was not tight or secured well enough? Its not the Instructors fault to feel her resistance at the door to actually jump?
    Dude, even the preflight video I thought she sounded a little 'muddled'. You HAVE to be paying ALOT of attention to an 80yr old doing anything (losing their marbles etc, not in full control of their faculties etc).
    This was 100% the skydives crew fault. How you can see it the other way around is nuts.

      I agree. I think people are defending their choice to skydive. Versus a commercial operator taking a client on a tandem jump. If she had fallen out of the harness they would have been liable. I'm sure a lot people panic at the door and some degree of coersion may be required , but the consideration applied to someone of that age has to be different.

        I'm not sure if I'm correct or not, but don't they HAVE to jump? Something about there not being enough oxygen in the cabin to last the entire trip back as well.

        Or maybe I'm thinking of a different type of jump, I'm no expert.

          Below approx 14,000 feet you're fine for oxygen. Usually the issue is that if anybody doesn't jump, the plane has to return to the ground a lot slower. They usually go into a dive and land before the jumpers do, but with the chutes still in the plane, the safety mechanisms can trigger from the sudden drop and fire in the plane. I've been told it's like popcorn going off, and it's extremely messy to clean up (and I'd imagine has the potential to damage the chutes).

          That said, there is no way the instructor should have pushed her out like that. Especially with an older lady like that, so many things could go wrong.

          No, there's plenty of air up there, they're not that high up. If they can open the door without masks on, they can get enough air for a planeload of people. You might be thinking of a HALO jump?

          There's generally enough oxygen in the cabin for the trip back, you may be thinking of a high altitude low opening jump. Instructors are told in cases of tandem jumps that if the person becomes hysterical or a danger to themselves not to jump. If they fight back against jumping, do not force them as it can very easily put the instructors life in danger. In this case, the instructor forced her out of the aircraft, he should not have done this, putting himself and her in danger. As soon as she resisted he should have said ok and sat her back down.

            That being said I'm wondering if this is possibly faked at all...

    Even if they had to jump, that harness (a critical piece of equipment) was not adequate whatsoever. Either stricter guidelines in securing it, or a cutoff for ages jumping (due to fraility/body not fitting harness adequately enough). This IS the operators fault, the end. Pats on the back for getting her down safely (of course), but the blame has to lie ultimately with the operator.

    Who jumps out of a perfectly good plane? Not for me, thanks.

    To be fair, I never wanted to skydive even before I saw this vid.

    One must consider the possibility that the harness was too loose if a person could just slip out... but credit to the dive crew for getting her back on the ground safe.

    Booked my first jump for 23 days from now! Cannot wait! Videos like this don't make me not want to do it, but just how careful you need to be whilst 16000 feet in the air!

    Video private now :( any other links to it?



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