You’ll Need To Appease This Echidna Chair Before You Can Sit On It

Tired of having to deal with people’s arses being shoved in its face, the Wild Chair has developed a set of spiky quills, like an echidna, allowing it to finally fight back against aggressive sitters.

Actually, it’s just a far out design project cooked up by a couple of designers and MIT folk, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to be careful around it.

Created by J C Karich, Pauline Jamilloux, and students from MIT’s Media Lab, the Wild Chair started life as a run-of-the-mill IKEA seat before it was given a bad attitude. The backrest is now covered in a wall of sharp wooden quills that rise up in defence (thanks to sensors and a servo motor) whenever someone rushes up to sit on it.

So if you hope to use it as a place to rest your feet without getting repeatedly stabbed in the back, you’ll need to creep up on the chair slowly, whisper a few reassuring words, and gently stroke its back. Only then will the Wild Chair keep its quills lowered so you can have a comfy place to sit. [J C Karich via FastCo Design]