You Won't Believe This Colourful Glass Gem Corn Is Freaking Real Corn

This is corn. No, it's not photoshopped. Yes, it's real. It's a corn variety called Glass Gem Corn and though it may look like jelly beans or beads, it's real, actual, edible corn. What in the world?

Seeds Trust, a family seed company, got the seeds for glass gem corn from Greg Schoen who got his seeds from his "corn-teacher", Carl Barnes, an 80-year old part-Cherokee man, in Oklahoma. When they planted the seeds, out came the colourful wizardry that looks more like something that Willy Wonka would invent than our boring yellow corn. I want to eat you glass gem corn. [Seeds Trust via BoingBoing]


    You eat it, no you eat it, no you first!

      I'm with you...

      If someone had offered me to eat some of that, before I read this article, I'd probably hurl. Then run in the opposite direction. Then hurl some more.

      Looks like some kind of horrible disease infested syphilis corn.

      I'd eat it, i love trying new and crazy food.

      Corn like this was the norm. back in Africa

    I wonder if it tastes like jelly beans too.

    We bought some seed for this type of corn from Eden Seeds in Victoria. We have some of the red varitey growing, my wife likes the colour so much she wants to paint the outside of our house the same colour.

      Sorry thats Eden Seeds in Queensland. The one we have is called Red Aztec, tastes good too!

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    Next you'll see Skittles sticker on the cobs at your supermarket

    The way I figure if corn can go psychedelic naturally, I honestly don't see the problem with GM fruit and veggies. The only thing that could be improved on is making your fruit and veggies luminescent so you can see them in the dark! As I hate dropping my fruit, and they would make a nice centre piece. Who cares about guarding against pests and blemishes I want real science!

    Might make it easier to get the kids to eat their veges

    This just screams GM

    To all those who think the nice yellow corn you know and love is the 'real corn' please note the following;
    - These corn varieties are all naturally occurring.
    - About 90% of commercially produced corn in the west (that yellow stuff you love) is the GM stuff.
    - You think this diversity (variegation) is awesome, you should go find out about potatoes. Wicked.

      Same with carrots being orange, too but I think that's more commonly known. On the subject of the yellow corn being GM. Is it GM or just selective breeding. I think they selectively bred orange carrots because they were deemed more visually appealing. If I'm honest though, the purple carrots at my local green grocer are tastier and crunchier than the orange ones.

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