You Probably Don't Want This Awesome Floating Maglev Bed If You're Covered In Piercings

If you've got $US1000 burning a hole in your pocket, some power tools and a free weekend at your disposal, you too can build this fantastic floating bed. It's just too bad it's really only strong enough to support one person.

Created by Reddit poster 'mememetatata' the floating part of the bed is held up by a set of ridiculously strong neodymium rare earth magnets in the base underneath. And separating two of the hockey puck-sized magnetic discs that got stuck together during shipping seems to have been the most difficult part of the build.

To stop the bed from drifting off its base, the top section is tethered with a thick steel cable. But besides that mooring, the bed is free to float by itself. It's capable of lifting around 113kg, which is perfect for even a larger person. But if you wanted to get a couple of people onto there, they better be very tiny individuals. It's just too bad that the base looks like it takes up as much as space as a king-sized bed, while the sleeping area is roughly the size of a single. But that doesn't make this creation any less fantastic. [Hack a Day via Reddit]

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