Wi-Fi-Blocking Wallpaper Protects Your Web Fortress By Keeping Neighbors Out

Scientists from the institut polytechnique Grenoble INP and the Centre Technique du Papier have developed a novel new product so gratuitous, it almost seems necessary: a silver-crystal coated wallpaper that can block neighbours from freeloading off your Wi-Fi network. The silver crystals are arranged in such a way that they are able to block certain wireless frequencies, not least of which is the same frequency as a WiFI router.

But, what about just setting up a password-protected network? I don't know. You most certainly can -- and should -- do that. But if, for whatever reason, an open network is what you desire, this silver snowflake-speckled wall-covering will have your back. Unless you have windows. They're still working on a clear coating with protective power equal to that of the paper.

Also, there will of course be somebody out there who will buy this, someone who both delights in a room covered floor-to-ceiling in metallic snowflakes and believes said remediation is superior to setting a password (which is free, mind you -- this wallpaper, when it's released in 2013, will cost about as much as mid-grade conventional wallpaper). Who is this person?

Has there not been an unusual amount of weird wallpaper news lately? [DVICE via SlashDot]

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    Or refer to one of the posts on how to create a Wiki hot spot name to keep neighbours away...


    Did anyone else see the picture and read "wallpaper" as "toilet paper"?

      Yep Craig, me too. But thanks Lillee for being one of those annoying people that speaks for everyone.

        Spot on Sam, I was thinking the same thing

      dont want no wifi in my bum

        Then dont stick it there.

    This could be marketed to people that are scared of WiFi radiation.

      Sadly you are correct. I have a friend whos neighbour, not the one next door but across the street and 2 doors down, told him that they were going to sue him for damaging their health because he is using a modem that is transmiting WiFi. When he asked how they knew it was him, they said that there was only one WiFi network in the street and the signal was strongest when they were infront of their house. When he asked how they were measuring it, they pulled out an iPhone and brought up a WiFi analyzer app. He just laughed and shut the door. then proceded to set up his 2 spare WiFi routers as seperate ends of his house. I laughed.

    Insulating the main external walls against the 2.4GHz range would be great for the average apartment where you're competing with many other devices. I know I have to keep an eye on the networks in my block to make sure my main channels remain clutter free.

    However I'd be more inclined to have this sort of thing as an undercoat and only on the exterior facing walls.

    "But, what about just setting up a password-protected network?"

    I think it is more aimed at blocking external wifi signals. So that if you live in an apartment complex, you can block out the 20 other wifi networks congesting the airwaves.

    Its easy to laugh at electromagnetic sensitivity, but there are growing number of people that I talk to who experience headaches when using bluetooth and can feel a difference in a blind test when a wifi router is turned on or off. It must be horrible for those that are sensitive to wifi and live in high rise apartments with tens of routers

      unfortunately my mum is one of those people who suffers quite severely and while i was as sceptical as anyone at first, she can absolutely detect when in a wifi covered area and prolonged exposure causes severe headaches.

      also yes this would obviously be usefull to block out unwanted freqencies that may be hampering your own signal


    If the outside of your house has chicken wire and stucco. Then you're already good to go and don't need this. Ask me how I know?

    A modern take on a Faraday Cage?

    This technology needs to be mixed into paint somehow. Perhaps grind up the crystals really fine and then mix them in to the paint :-P

    The problem is you then have to go outside to raid your neighbours free wifi

    Awnshegh +1
    Ash +1

    I was thinking that combining this with wall decals would be the way to go. I hate wallpaper with a passion (because I've removed it before).

    The 'blokes' and 'sheilas' comments gave me a laugh moment.

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