What Happened With The NBN This Week?

A quieter week in NBN news, with the coalition claiming cost issues around maintaing copper in a FTTN NBN aren't issues at all, Conroy talking cloud and rollouts continuing. • Cloud computing works better when you've got a faster connection — that's hardly news, but it's the spin that Senator Conroy had on a report that indicated cloud computing is a $3.25 billion opportunity. [ARN]

• The Coalition's NBN alternative, using FTTN, relies on a slowly degrading copper network, but Malcolm Turnbull reckons the maintenance cost for that copper "isn't an issue". [Delimiter]

• The NBN rollout in one of the first test sites, Armidale in NSW continued with pipes being laid closer to the city centre. [Armidale Express]


    Does Turnbull reckon the cost of maintaining the existing copper network is not an issue because the escalating cost of maintaining the existing copper network will blow out his figures?

    And I agree that Cloud computing is an effing gigantic opportunity.

      Turnbull says it isn't an issue because if LNP get control they'll give it back to Telstra, thus not be the governments responsibility anymore and not an issue..... -_-

        Ha, as if Telstra will take it back knowing that its dying.


    An excellent read to go along with the article.

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