What Are The Most Stylish Laptops And Ultrabooks?

What Are The Most Stylish Laptops And Ultrabooks?

Last week we took at a crack at nominating the most stylish smartphones. That stirred up a really lively conversation – so let’s take a look at laptops and ultrabooks. For many laptop buyers, how it looks is just as vital as how it runs. Which mobile machine do you think has that extra dash of style? Here are ten candidates to get things started…Image

In alphabetic rather than any kind of number order; because style is about taste, and tastes vary:

Alienware m18x

Sometimes, it’s enough to just look different, and Alienware’s laptop lines certainly manage that. They’re pitched at the gaming market, and are styled accordingly, making them something of a taste choice; some folks will find them compelling while others find them off-putting. Isn’t that what individual style is all about?

Apple Macbook Air

Say what you will, the MacBook Air certainly ushered in a new wave of sleek, light and very attractive laptops.

Asus Eee PC 1025C Flare Series

Netbooks don’t have the wow factor they did a couple of years ago inside, but if your budget isn’t healthy enough to run to an ultrabook, a netbook can be a good compromise. Few of them look that stunning, but Asus’ Flare series has attractive colour and sleek lines that make it stand out from the dull netbook crowd.

Asus Zenbook UX31E

You want a portable machine that’s as thin as possible? Look no further than Asus’ Zenbook, a cutting edge ultrabook so sharp it can even cut fruit.

Dell Inspiron 15R

Laptops are generally fixed creatures; you buy what you’re going to use for the next few years, and it’s always going to look that way. Dell’s Inspiron 15R line bucks that trend with switchable lid designs that mean you can carry a different looking notebook whenever you feel like making a change.

HP Spectre Envy

HP’s Spectre Envy is the exception to the Ultrabook norm, with an absolutely gorgeous mirrored glass finish that catches the eye in a very pleasant way. It looks like the glass should shatter the moment you pop it down upon a desk, but the magic is that this doesn’t actually happen.

Panasonic Toughbook CF31

We’re willing to bet this selection puts a few people’s noses out of joint. Panasonic’s Toughbook lines are built with durability in mind, but along the way, what happens is a design that’s all stark corners and carefully covered input ports. They’re not the sleekest and lightest — but that’s entirely the point, and if you want a laptop that really stands out, it’s an option with the added advantage of being (nearly) unbreakable.

Samsung Notebook Series 9

Samsung’s Series 9 laptops feature a unique flowing design that stands out, but it’s not just good looks; the claim is also that they’re lightweight and durable, constructed of an aluminium alloy called Duralumin.

Sony Vaio Z Series

Sony’s Z series will cost you serious money, but you’ll get a serious workstation of a laptop inside the kind of physical chassis usually reserved for ultrabooks. The gold Vaio Z is a stunning creature of a laptop that seems to have been built specifically for extroverts.

Toshiba Qosmio

The Qosmio range is striking, and that’s not just because they’re large, entertainment-centric desktop replacement devices. That means you get just about every possible bell and whistle under the hood, but Toshiba hasn’t ignored the exterior either, with a rounded design that catches the eye.