What Are The Most Stylish Desktop Monitors?

Screen quality and price are probably the biggest factors when buying a display, but these days, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice visual appeal. Aesthetically speaking, what’s the best display around today? Here are a few to kick start the conversation, but we're keen to see what you recommend...

Dell Crystal 22-inch Widescreen Flat Panel

The Crystal display is getting a little long in the tooth (the 22-incher only does 1680 x 1050), but it sure is pretty. Integrated into the ultra-clear tempered glass are capacitive touch controls and speakers with metal enclosures. [Dell]

Samsung SA 9 LED Monitors

Samsung’s new SA 9 monitors have a distinctive design, and can handle both 2D (standard monitor use) and 3D (Blu-ray, consoles, Foxtel, etc), though you’ll still need shutter glasses. The 23-incher (SA23950) costs $550, while the 27-inch model is $700 (SA27950). The 27-inch TA27950 costs $800, and apart from being a monitor is also an internet connected Smart TV with full HD tuner and two HDMi ports. It’s also 3D enabled. [Samsung]

LG 21-Inch E90 Series LED Monitor

The E90 has a super slim body (7.2mm) , smooth metallic design, and great-looking LED panel. Very suave. [LG]

Asus Designo MS Series

OK, so from what we can see, Asus doesn’t actually sell the Designo MS series in Australia. That’s a shame, because these monitors look the business. Sized 20- 23.6-inch in size, the series is characterised by a piano-black bezel, LED button, pearl backing and a unique ring-stand. [Asus Global]

Sony PlayStation 3D Display Monitor

Sony’s PlayStation-branded monitor / TV looks like a giant Vita and has a few tricks up its sleeve. The big one is SimulView: the ability to present two players with full screen multi-player views using stereoscopic trickery. $697, exclusive to [Harvey Norman]

Apple 27-inch LED Cinema Display

OK, no monitor round up is complete without including the big daddy. The screen quality is top-notch and the aluminium construction and glossy finish look great. [Apple]

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