Week In Tech: Wozniak, BitTorrent Privacy, Giant Guns And Windows

Woz was Woz in Australia, Nokia showed off mobiles and really big guns were still being made perfect in this week's top stories.

Woz On Innovation, Robots And What Apple Does Wrong

Steve Wozniak's view on what's needed for innovation — and where Apple could afford to loosen up a little. Read More

How To Protect Your BitTorrent Privacy

OK, you’re using BitTorrent. We’re not going to judge. But we are going to give you a few simple reminders on how to keep your torrenting activity as private as possible. Read More

How Yahoo Killed Flickr And Lost The Internet.

At one point, Flickr was a powerhouse. It's lost relevancy — and this is why. Read More

What Google Could Learn From Windows 8 About User Experience

Should the desktop look like the web, or should the web look like a desktop? Microsoft and Google approach the problem from opposite ends. Which is best? Read More

Nokia Lumia 900/610 Hands-On

Nokia's biggest Windows Phone 7 is due in Australia in a couple of weeks time. We got an early look at the Lumia 900 and its smaller cheaper sibling, the Lumia 610. Read More

Most Entertaining Story

Mythbusters’ Adam Savage Has Been Working On A Really Big Gun For A Really Long Time

Big guns, TV geeks and Science fiction. Do you need anything more than that? Read More

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