Watching These 60,000 Dominos Fall Is An Intensely Satisfying Experience

A dude called Flippycat thought it would be a good idea to stack 60,000 dominos to make 60 big walls and then hit them to watch them fall. I can't blame him. It's a satisfying view to watch all that colour fall.

The montage took over a distance of 4.2m, taking 65.5 hours to complete over the course of eight days.

It only took 12 seconds to fall. [Flippycat via Buzzfeed]


    when it gets to the end click on the fails video - soooo much more satisfying!

      your right the fails were funny as, looked frustrating.

    Those are the strangest dominos I've ever seen...

      I thought that at first too but they're regular dominos. It goes layer of |||||, layer of ------, layer of ||||||, layer of ------. You can see it more clearly in the fails video where they're stacking them in real time.

    'Fails' is great: made me LOL...

    Very cool, but I can't believe people spend so much time doing this sort of thing.

    I liked the fails best. I am a bad person.

    Yep there's some patience there.......all for seconds of fun .......

    Using a glass panel behind it to arrange it is cheating

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