Watch That Tiny $74 1.5GHz Android-Powered Thumb-Puter In Action

Watch That Tiny $74 1.5GHz Android-Powered Thumb-Puter In Action

Last week we posted a story about a tiny Android-powered computer packed into a shell not much larger than a thumb drive. With its 1.5GHz single-core Cortex-A8, 512MB of RAM and 4GB of Flash storage, it’s not hard to imagine myriad uses for this ultra-ultra portable machine. Now we have a video showing off exactly what it’s capable of.

Playing movies, indulging in a bit of Angry Birds and browsing the interwebs are the main activities we see — not bad for a $US74 device. Though I’m sure you could do much, much more with it, given the chance to do a bit a tinkering.

Something I didn’t pick up on in the original story is that the device may require a power pack in order to function, curtailing its portability significantly. It’s not clear if its energy needs can be meet entirely via USB.

A quick Google search turned up this US site selling them, offering $16 shipping to Australia. Hopefully some local retailers will start stocking the device, though it may end up being cheaper to buy overseas anyway.

Let us know in the comments if you spot it being sold anywhere else!