Use This iPhone Case And Your iPhone Will Be Replaced If It Breaks

Though we still prefer to stay naked when it comes to the iPhone, here's a pretty solid alternative for those people paranoid of shattering the fragile beauty that is the iPhone: Cellhelmet. It's a case that not only protects your iPhone but will also pay for a replacement iPhone if your iPhone breaks.

Sounds kind of too good to be true, huh? But according to Cellhelmet, which got its start on Kickstarter, getting a new iPhone after your iPhone breaks in the Cellhelmet case is easy: just pay $US50, grab a new Cellhelmet case and it's yours. Cellhelmet promises to repair or replace your broken iPhone in less than three business days. Cellhelmet covers all kinds of breaking (aside from water damage) and will even protect jailbroken iPhones too.

And though buying AppleCare+ is a comparable solution, sometimes you don't want to plop down for it when you buy your iPhone and other times it just runs out. That makes the Cellhelmet iPhone case more useful than any other case you could buy. [Cellhelmet via Mashable]



    This protection policy only applies to residents of US and Canada,

      Delete, DELETE, DELETE!

    So what stops me from smashing the phone then putting the case on it and claim it didn't protect it. Proof the case wasn't on it

      Probably if the case is still in fairly pristine condition it may tip off the manufacturers

    I never expected to see a purple helmet on Gizmodo's front page.

    So you've bricked your iphone and/or something is broken about you don't like? (Could possibly be used to get new iphones from broken ones on ebay)
    Step 1: Buy a Cellhelmet case
    Step 2: Throw the case as hard as you can at something
    Step 3: ?
    Step 4: Profit!!!

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