This Crazy-Ass Ping Pong Table Took 400 Hours To Build

Axel Yberg and his firm, Akke, make what he calls functional art. That translates to fun creations like this Pingtuated Equilibripong table, which may or may not be the most beautiful ping-pong table in existence.

Yberg said that the table required over 400 man-hours to construct. Comprising over seven different types of wood and reclaimed metal objects, the table has a hollowed-out centre that reveals the warm glow of an Edison bulb. The top has been coated in a high-gloss lacquer, providing a slick contrast to the unfinished, industrial look of the rest of the table. To top it all off, the net can be removed, and what was once a game table becomes a dinner table.

On display at ICFF 2012, Yberg said that the table is a one-of-a-kind piece selling for an eye-popping $US56,000 (which kind of makes sense, given the time that went into the project). But he also plans to produce a simplified version for retail as well.

Video: Michael Hession

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