This Adorable Nanotech Shark Will Swallow Your Puppy Whole

It's tough being a dog the size of a cat. Not only do you have "toy" in your title, people try to carry you around like a purse, which is just demeaning. On the other hand, as a small dog, only you can fit in this awesome self-cleaning shark bed.

The Japanese Nanotechnology Pet Bed from ThinkGeek is designed to accommodate small dogs (or fat cats) up to 11kg. Its collapsible walls are coated with non-toxic silver nanoparticles that, when left in the sun for a few minutes, will automatically destroy bacteria, viruses and the ammonia from puppy piddle. The "tongue" pad is also removable and machine-washable for bigger messes.

It is available in two sizes: a 13-inch high x 15-inch wide version for 4.5kg pets, and a larger 22-inch x 17-inch version for 11kg pets. They are $US70 and $US90 respectively at Think Geek. [Think Geek via Geek Alerts]

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