There Are So Many Android Phones That Some Aren't Even Being Released

Do you remember the Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket HD from CES? If you do, it's probably because its name is so long. Now, according to The Verge, it's got a new distinction: It's not even being released by US carrier AT&T, because it's so late, and so very extraneous.

Sure, the Skyrocket Galaxy S XI Super Saiyan DVD 5 made some sense back in January. But even then it was an iteration of a product that we knew damn well was going to get a full-measure upgrade just a bit later into the year. So why screw around with a simple screen upgrade?

Yes, this is also about AT&T's inability to get the S Galaxy Spacerocket XXLMIII of Windsor into its stores before it got lapped by the Galaxy S III, but really, this is as good a microcosm of the gross overabundance of Android phones as you're like to see. Carriers gorge themselves on minuscule upgrades to the point that they can't poop them all out fast enough. [Verge]

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