The Real Reason The Avengers Assembled Was To Help Back Up Your Files

In The Avengers movie, S.H.I.E.L.D. has a hell of a time assembling the superheroes to battle an alien army attacking the planet. But convincing them would have been far easier for Nick Fury had they all known that joining forces would have spawned these awesome flash drives.

Available in four different versions including Thor's hammer, Captain America's shield, Iron Man's helmet and the Hulk's decapitated fist, the 8GB flash drives include retractable USB connectors and can be yours for $US40 a pop. Sadly, both Hawkeye and Black Widow are once again left out of the party, proving that unless you've got superpowers or billions of dollars, you're just too damn hard to market to the masses. [Mighty Ape via The Fancy]

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