The Inspirational Note Apple Gives To New Employees On Their First Day

Chances are you're probably pretty pumped if you land a job at Apple. But just in case you need an extra kick in the berries, this is the inspirational note waiting for you on your first day of work.

Sure, it's corny and probably fits a company like Pinterest or Tumbler rather the most valuable company in the world. And who knows if it's actually Apple-official, since it's really just an Instagram of a sheet of paper with an Apple logo. But man, that's a nice vote of confidence on your first day at a new company. [Instagram via Ycombinator]


    Is this year's version of a phone or MP3 player really ''work that adds up to something''...?

    When I read those words it brought to mind something more like Medicine Sans Frontiere, or the Peace Corps.

    Sure, a job at Apple could be cool. But let's keep a teensy bit of perspective. They're not solving world hunger.

      Even the widely-used 'change the world' cliche thrown about after Steve Jobs's death don't really mean much. Apple hasn't changed the world, it made computing easier and nicer for the 1% of the world. There are billions of people in the developing world who have never, and will never ever see or use an Apple product. There's no trickle down economics here, it's just rampant narcissism.

    Wow, I should hand this out at work. I work for an organisation that actually helps people..

    Somehow I don't think Foxconn produces a Chinese language version for new employees on its campuses...

    What I'm reading is: "We know who you are, and don't think we've only got your fingerprints - so don't dare think of fucking up. You're going to work over time and weekends, and you're going to like it, otherwise it's the 'deep end'!"

      Your right and it's an ominous note to have on your desk especially the weekend bit they talk about sacrifice but never fair reimbursment or recognition.....oh wait it's Apple the marketing company :)

    because smart phones couldnt have happend anywhere else could they? Oh wait Apple don't make smart phones. They contract to companies to design them and then contract out again to companies in thirdworld countries, that dont have labor laws and who have no qualms about injuring or even killing workers, or paying them a decent wage for that matter, to build them. If you work for Apple, that is the company you work for.

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    As bad as that whole weekends/etc thing sounds at first glance, if you're working in IT, esp in a dev role, you better get your damned arse ready for overtime, no matter how loaded your company is.

    In other words, you have sold us your soul, and we now own you.

    Are they saying something along the lines of "Apple comes first and Family second"? Screw that for a joke :-)

    So working for apple is a kick in the berrires huh, then another kick in the berries with this letter.

    damn thats a harsh first day at work.

    i wonder if they hand the same note out to all the extremly low paid chinese workers that actually manufacture their products.

    To me it reads like a letter for young people. That is, people stupid enough to think that companies actually care about their well-being. Of course the reality is that they'll be used up and spat out.

      Yip... nice way of saying "we're going to work you to the bone!"

      It seems to be a letter only meant for engineers, ie the <1% of Apple's industrial complex. As an ex-Specialist, all I got was a clapping in but even that felt strangely opulent and self-serving.

    I actually thought it would say something like "The first rule of Apple is - you never talk about Apple or it's products, the second rule of Apple is - YOU NEVER TALK ABOUT APPLE OR IT'S PRODUCTS"

    Tumblr* ;p

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