The Beer Moth Truck Tent Is The Ultimate In-Car Camping

If driving up to a campsite and setting up a tent is too much "roughing it" to endure, this tent/truck chimera is just what you need to enjoy the great outdoors without sacrificing the amenities of a cabin.

The Beer Moth operates out of Inshriach House in Cairngorms National Park, Scotland. It accommodates two guests (so long as they aren't children) as well as pets. As Canopy and Stars describes the vehicle/domicile,

Walter, the creator of the Inshriach Yurt, has truly excelled himself in his seemingly never ending quest for a renovation challenge. Having liberated this 1956 Conmer Q4 from the Manston Fire Museum in Kent and wrestled it back to Inshriach House, he has quite literally raised the roof (by a foot). Then he laid an oak parquet floor rescued from a Tudor mansion, salvaged snooker table slate to make a hearth and a fire escape for a staircase. The Beer Moth now also sports a completely over the top Victorian double bed, the door from one of the (now presumably a little drafty) cottages at the farm, and the former back wall of the doghouse. The mahogany plinth has been replaced with a wood-burner, the inexplicable stuffed squirrel has vacated the premises, and the cutting edge of unusual places to stay has been an immediate hit with its first fortunate (and slightly bemused) guests.

The Beer Moth is available for lodgers and rents for about £70 ($110) a night. [Canopy and Stars via Neatrorama]

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