Stupid Criminals Get Caught After Stupid Facebook Mistake

Stupid Criminals Get Caught After Stupid Facebook Mistake

Just when I thought criminals with Facebook accounts can’t possibly be more stupid, another idiot comes along and proves me wrong by robbing an internet cafe at gunpoint — after using one of the computers to log into Facebook and leaving his account open.

It happened in the neighbourhood of Calima, north of the city of Cali, Colombia. Two men arrived at an internet cafe, rented two computers, did their thing for a bit, and then as they pretended to be paying they took out guns and got all the money.

The cafe administrator then called the police, who came in and discovered the Facebook account still open in the computer used by one of the robbers. The police got his address, drove to the criminal’s home and arrested him.

They should make some law to increase the sentences for idiots like this. Five years for armed robbery and one extra year for being a cretin with a Facebook account. [El Tiempo – In Spanish]

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