Shooting Challenge: 10 Blue Shots [Updated]

What is blue? Is it a colour? Is it a feeling? Can you touch it? Seven Gizmodo readers demonstrate that it's all these things and more for this week's shooting challenge. Check out all the results below. Regular readers will see some familiar names, and we welcome all the first-time entrants too.

Update: Sorry guys, it seems a couple of entries got lost in the shuffle. Scroll down to the bottom to see two more entries from Georgina and Steve.

Stuart Addelsee

Canon EOS 7D - Canon 100mm 1/125 sec | f/7.1 | ISO 400

I tried to challenge myself this week and do something I haven’t attempted before. A simple setup, but quite a few shoots before I got something I was happy with. This is blue food dye in water, a drop or two shot through glass. The final image has been flipped upside down, but other than that its more or less straight from the camera.

Stuart -

Heidi Messer

Couldnt resist this snap of my new Little Superdog, Cosmo. After a big day of play she was exhausted! Colour reduction of photo was altered in Photoshop CS5.

Nikon D7000, Sigma Lens 55-200mm Manual focus F5.6 / ISO 400

Fiona Davies

taken with a canon EOS 600D with 18-55mm lens setting Auto. beautiful blue sky day with birds flying around.

Marika Angelina

I used a crystal cake stand (which has a small lip) as the base, and I placed different shades of blue paper underneath it to stick to the colour theme. I set it up in front of a window for natural light, poured water that was dyed with blue food colouring into the stand, and then dropped oil into the water with a dropper. That was kinda boring so I swirled it around a lot and got the little bubbles.

Camera: Nikon D3100, with a Tamrom 90mm f2.8 lens. Settings were: f4.5 1/500 ISO 400 90mm macro

Pete Aitchison

I have been watching these eagles for a few years now. We lost them last year and really did miss them. This year they returned to breed. There's a baby in them thar trees. This big fella just gave this fish a really bad day. I was fortunate to get some great shots but this one stands out for me in regards to the 'Blue' theme. Kinda going for 'Into the blue'. I wish I could share the rest. Had to down size the quality a bit.

Canon 60D with a 150 - 500 Tamron cheapo. Aperture priority was the setting, but I can't remember the ISO (400?) and the F-Stop was 8, I think.

Tracy Miller

After reading about this next challenge I instantly new I wanted to take a photo of blueberries. I took this shot with my Canon T3i using a macro lens with a F stop of 2.8, Shutter Speed of 1/4, and ISO 100

Catherine Grima

Beautiful Blue -- This picture was taken on a ferry on the way to Waiheke Island, New Zealand. Taken with a Canon 600D, on a stunning morning -- the day got even better!

Focal Length 55mm ISO 100 f/14 Creative Filter - Fish Eye Efffect

Georgina Luczi

Olympus E-PL3, ISO 200, aperture: F/22, shutter speed: 1/3 I love this photo, because it's very soothing for my eyes and can easily day dream while I'm looking at it.

Steve Spehar

Shooting Challenge - Blue Shutter - 1/2000 Aperture - F7 ISO - 400 CAMERA - CANON EOS 30D LENS - EF 70-300

Pete Turner

7D 10-22mm

Created this vortex in space and time while trying to capture the super moon.



    Damnit!! I didn't see this challenge, otherwise I would have made some Coomassie solution which has this amazing blue streaking pattern as it dissolves... I was just thinking about it when I made a new batch up last week... Grr :(

    Bad HDR? Selective color? A boring sky?


      I'm usually the first to complain about bad HDR, but I'm not seeing it this week. Which photo are you talking about?

      Where is your photo Jack?? Oh that's right you didn't go to the effort to join in, except to comment on how crap the submissions were. How about you go back to Flickr and tell everyone what they are doing wrong.

      Well done everyone. My vote goes to Tracy. Love a good macro shot!

    As in the challenge discription, I thought that the photos had to be' in blue tones only', hence my all blue entry, otherwise I think I could have gone to town on this challenge...

      I'm with you on that Marika and I took it literally about the blue but just couldn't get the shot "in blue tones only" I can't say mine would have been as good as your "blue shot" well done :)

        Your shot is awesome. Think you went to town, did some shopping, and had cake.

      You can interpret it however you want, so long as you explain how it fits in with the week's theme. That's the beauty of these shooting challenges -- you can approach the subject matter in whatever way you choose. The crunch comes in explaining why it fits.

    Nice work Stuart Addelsee.

    Damn, I actually had a shot for this, then went out drinking and forgot to submit!

    Peter that shot is fantabulous

      It's beautiful isn't it?

        Thanks guys. Hope Giz don't mind me linking, but here's a shot of him just before he passed over head for me to get the one above.

    I love your image stuart i am gonna have to try something like that soon...

    I like Tracy's. The blueberry on the right looks like it has an eye.

    Love Heidi's puppy. Fricken adorable.

    Well done everyone, you all did a good job. I spent all day on this challenge and I did submit last night, but for some mystery my photo is not here. :(
    PS: Gizmodo I am still waiting for a reply to my enquiry!!

      Please check your email, Georgina. I sent you a reply.

        Thank you Elly! I sent it again.

    You have impressed me again Stuart. Great shots week in, week out

    I also love that Macro shot from Tracy. Well done Pete and Marika too :)

    I also submitted a photo that didn't make the list :(

      I just sent you an email, Pete.

        Weird moment there.

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