Self-Destruct Buttons On This SSD Will Physically Destroy Your Drive

Are you worried about the FBI kicking down your door in search of all your digital contraband? If so then it's time to upgrade to RunCore's new InVincible SSD drive with its pair of red and green self-destruct buttons that will keep you one step ahead of prying eyes.

Like any SSD, the InVincible offers several advantages to traditional hard drives, like lower power consumption, fast read (240Mbps) and write (140Mbps) times, and the ability to endure temperatures ranging from -45C to 93C. But the real reason people will be opting for this particular drive is its set of red and green self-destruct buttons, which remain accessible outside your computer, that can be used to get rid of any incriminating digital evidence.

Pushing the green button initiates the drive's intelligent destruction mode, which simply overwrites the entire disk with random, meaningless code -- leaving your files unrecoverable according to RunCore. But the slightly more tempting red button initiates the drive's physical destruction mode, which applies a strong current to the InVincible's NAND flash memory, completely destroying it in a puff of smoke as demonstrated in the video. It's definitely the more extreme way to go, but it further guarantees that no one will ever be able to recover what was on the drive.

So, technically, the InVincible isn't actually completely invincible. There's no pricing or availability information for the drive just yet, but you can probably expect it to cost a little more than your standard SSD. Oh, and if you happen to be red-green colourblind, you might just want to avoid it altogether. [RunCore via Engadget via Ubergizmo]



    2:20 for those who don't want to endure the pain of the rest of the amateurishness video from such a 'large' company.

      THANK YOU. My god the video was poorly written and badly voiced.

    Yeah, because owning a self-destructing hard drive with limited availability isn't suss.

      I think the idea is that it's better to have a case thrown out due only to suspicion over having a criminal conviction due to evidence. So in this case, suss is the aim of the game.

      Suspicion is not evidence.
      Also I could imagine some hyper sensitive company installing them on their laptops in case someone tried to steal secrets they could just go nuclear on their drive.

    Though if you roast it when the police break into your room, it'll sound a lot like destroying evidence to a jury.
    (Tampering with physical evidence (destroying evidence) for those in the US, CRIMES ACT 1914 - SECT 39 for those in Australia).

      Destroying evidence may be a better charge than what your trying to hide though. Who wants to be caught with hundreds of cute cat photo's (I've said to much).

      How would you know if you've not been charged with anything?

    Adam, right we have your IP, the cat photos are too much. :-)

    Looking at her setup... wouldn't you just nudge the entire PC off the desk and destroy the lot?! :D

    i would use one with a flipup case and a big red button, locked at all times of course

    SSD's are too expensive to store your illegals, all they will find is windows and a couple programs.. the rest of the stuff will be store on big GB mechanical HDD. need these for mechanical hdd's more so..

    This is a more hardcore version of when your a teenager and you are looking at porn and your fumbling for the reset key or escape key when your parents walking in and your are looking at porn.

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