See The No-Stick Ketchup Bottle Of The Future In Action

Getting ketchup out of a bottle is a massive unsolved engineering problem. Plastic squeezy bottles, upside down bottles, tapping the 57, just shove a butter knife in there — none really does the job. But the wonderful nerds at MIT might have done it with their new non-stick LiquiGlide bottle.

LiquiGlide is actually a coating made up of super-slick materials that's food-safe and can work on plastic, glass or other types of packaging. Its creator, Dave Smith at MIT, told Fast Company, LiquiGlide is "kind of a structured liquid — it's rigid like a solid, but it's lubricated like a liquid".

The long-term goals — beyond cracking the $US17 billion bottle industry — are anti-clogging for oil and fuel lines, or building a better, non-icing windshield. For now, though, check out the amazing video of your not-too-distant hot-dog topping future. [FastCo]

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