Rural Queensland Town Gets A Little Too Attached To Its ‘Free’ Digital TV

“I can’t see why they would spend so much money coming out here to pick it up,” said Len Izatt, secretary of the Pentland Progress Association.

Izatt speaks of a digital TV given to the town of Pentland, Queensland by Digital Switchover Taskforce last year to help the community prepare for the transition away from analogue. According to the ABC, there was a bit of a misunderstanding — the TV was just a loaner and the Taskforce recently asked for it back.

To the Taskforce, it’s government property. But to Pentland, the TV is a technological marvel, one that’s augmented the community in myriad ways. And it wasn’t about to give it up.

As the ABC writes, Pentland took full advantage of its high-tech gift. A cabinet was constructed to house it, a projector purchased to extend its usefulness and regular TV gatherings organised. There’s mention the Royal Flying Doctor Service found a use for the device as well.

As far as Pentland is concerned, it’s not just a TV. By the sounds of things, it might as well be a member of the community.

Fortunately for Pentland, the Taskforce was willing to compromise. Apparently, a “fair price” was reached and the town now has the option to buy the TV, along with its required components (a dish and decoder).

All’s well that ends well… though I’m sure the Taskforce will take more time to explain the fine print next time it loans a digital TV to an outback community.


Image: LG (modified)