Rumourmodo: Samsung Galaxy S III For Telstra, Optus, Vodafone?

You know it as the Samsung Galaxy S III, but Samsung knows it as the GT-i9300. Now the clever team over at Ausdroid has discovered that entering in model codes over at Samsung Australia’s support site returns a range of variants for Vodafone (VAU), Optus (OPS) and Telstra (TEL). If they’re reading the tea leaves right, it looks like a full-on, multi-carrier GSIII assault is planned at the end of this month.

Most interesting: Ausdroid suggests that the GT-I9303MBJTEL and GT-I9303RWJTEL variants it stumbled across could even be 4G versions for Telstra.

Only time will tell on that one, but following the same search method, Giz did see results for Galaxy S III models seemingly destined all three major telcos. Beyond those base models, we also saw GT-i9300T variants listed for Vodafone and Telstra. According to Ausdroid, the T variants provide better 850MHz performance (as seen with the GT-i9100T Galaxy S II). [Samsung Support via Ausdroid and @mcbooth]

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